We partnered with ESPN to develop a new video led branding campaign in a move to cement growing interest in U.S. and international sports among a younger Aussie male audience.

Watch the short documentary about how it all came together.

The video content created merges pivotal sporting moments from the world of NBA, American Football and X Games with murals drawn by graffiti artist Sofles. The time-lapsed amalgamation of sports and street art created social buzz among the 18 to 34-year-old demographic and prompted them to share the content across their networks.

ESPN Marketing Manager, John Webb told Mumbrella “It’s one thing to make a great TV commercial that we can run on our own platforms but we wanted to build something that will become shareable, that strikes gold and potentially goes viral.” he said. The video quickly became the most viewed and shared across ESPN Aust/NZ social networks drawing massive social reach and advocacy.

“We wanted to design a campaign that goes beyond our hardcore fan based and hit those casual fans who are on the fringes who we want to bring more into the network."

“Using Now We Collide and Sofles was the perfect way to design something that we could use on Instagram and Facebook and would go out to Twitter and hit the demographic that are congregating on those platforms.” - John Webb.