Source: Instagram

Search “How to Hack the Instagram Algorithm?” and you’ll find an array of blogs, click-bait and YouTube videos with unverified top tips and tricks. 

In a move to clear up the many misconceptions floating about the web, it’s interesting to see Instagram beginning to release a series of blog posts explaining how their algorithms actually work. The article demonstrates Instagram’s ambition to become more transparent about their technology and the way data is leveraged to shape the user experience of the app.

The blog outlines the fundamental metrics that decide how content is served to users across their Feed, Stories, Reels and Explore. This is a helpful tool for users looking to understand why certain posts appear in their feed at any given time. The blog is even more useful for content creators looking to better understand what affects the success of their content and its ability to reach the right followers. The top tip? Post interactions are key.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on this feed as Instagram releases further in-depth analysis of their various algorithms. It will be interesting to see whether other major social players follow suit.