Creating a coffee brand ad concept with COLLIDE-AI

Spec commercials have long been a showcase for filmmakers to demonstrate their style, competence, and ambition. However, the recent release of Gen-3, Kling, Lumalab/Dream Machine, and other Gen-AI software has ushered in a new era of creative possibilities.

Gone are the days when Directors and Copywriters write scripts, then rely on storyboard artists and Art Director to deliver style frames to convince clients of their vision. With Gen.AI, we can now start visualizing ideas from the very first word on the page.

These tools offer clients and creatives new superpowers, allowing them to experiment with different concepts, tone, and timing without incurring significant costs or time commitments. It's not about replacing traditional methods like storyboards, previz, shooting, and production – but rather exploring new ways to express a visual style or direction within the creative process.

This process demonstrates the power of Gen.AI in the creative industry. It allows for rapid iteration, experimentation, and visualization of ideas in ways that were previously time-consuming and costly.

At Collide-AI, we've been at the forefront of this revolution. Over the past few years, we've had the opportunity to use Gen.AI to create something different, something new. For example, we developed a spec commercial for a coffee brand using LLama3's scriptwriting capabilities, then translated it into prompts with comfyui and then across to RunwayML Gen-3. The result was roughly 50 generations of content that served as the basis for the edit. The footage was upscaled to 4K using Topaz and then the grade was added in Resolve.

Ritual by COLLIDE-AI

As we continue to explore the possibilities of Gen.AI in advertising and filmmaking, we're excited about the potential for even more innovative and engaging content creation.

With the brand concept below the team at Collide-AI headed by @Bob. Now We Collide experimented to see how far we could push Generative AI to create an ad that captures the mood and ritual of the first morning coffee, not only using Gen.AI to create all the vision, but also the voice over.

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