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Shakin' things up with Licor 43 and Zamora Group

Zamora — Licor 43


Campaign strategy
Art direction

Licor 43 is the fastest growing premium liqueur in the world. Known for its rich, golden glow, and sweet characteristics of vanilla, citrus and caramel, the liqueur has become famous as the base for a Carajillo, a coffee based cocktail enjoyed primarily in Mexico as a post-meal digestif.

With the digestif drinks category on the rise and the Carajillo serve already well established in some regions, we worked with Licor 43 and the Zamora Group to put a stake in the ground and clearly establish Licor 43 as the hero ingredient in the famous coffee and liqueur pairing. With a digitally-led campaign targeted at a primarily millennial-foodie audience, we helped engage and educate consumers on the ease at which the serve could be put together while also generating conversation around the Licor 43 brand.

Backdropped by an unsteady climate of lockdowns, the campaign worked to demonstrate Carrajillo as an easy to master cocktail, a beverage best served at home in the company of friends after a delicious meal.

        TO LIFE

The core campaign assets were split into three pillars; taste, serve and consumption. With taste, it was all about the irresistible visual of the Carajillo cocktail and finding a way to overly dramatise the three core ingredients coming together. The serve pillar looked to highlight how easy the cocktail is to make, taking only a handful of steps with no fancy equipment. With the consumption pillar, we leaned into moments that are best shared together, with key photography packshot assets being shot around a table with family and friends enjoying each others company.

Over the course of three days, our team worked remotely with clients zooming in from Europe. Armed with an arsenal of robotically-controlled cameras, slow motion rigs and a few homemade inventions from mad scientist/DOP Dan Coolahan, the team poured, plunged and exploded coffee beans, creating a mesmerising suite of assets that captured the vibrant flavours of Licor 43 and it’s alluring serve.



The Carrajillo isn’t one of those cocktails that calls for obscure ingredients, a blow torch and a degree in microbiology. It’s quite possibly the easiest cocktail you’ll ever make.

To demonstrate this, we produced a series of social video how-to’s that showed both the Carajillo Stirred and Shaken cocktails coming together in 10 seconds flat.



To extend the campaign out across socials, we developed a secondary campaign that tapped into the insight of Carrajillo being the cocktail best crafted alongside friends. Working with a Spanish speaking musician in Melbourne, we produced ‘Master The Mix’, a TikTok friendly earworm, designed to inspire friends to get together, while educating consumers of the easy 1,2,3 steps required to shake or stir up a Licor 43 Carrajillo.


Zamora Global Brand Manager Sara Massa
Executive Producer Keir Maher
Executive Creative Director Ryan Bodger
Creative Director Kurt Toohey

Producer Amanda Cooton
Art Director Kate O'Donnell
Copywriter Lyndon Christie
Designer Leila Polito

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