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How are brands, creators and communities connecting using Instagram? The House of Instagram and it's digital and social media campaign provides the answer.



House of Instagram

With a global community of over 1 billion people, Instagram is a place where Australians connect with their interests and passions. Brands have always been an integral part of the Instagram community; they have taken advantage of this new field of expression to use Instagram to inspire, engage customers, build their brand and grow their business. The Instagram community is full of open minds, powerful voices and dynamic creators, and it is an important place where culture is defined, brands uncovered, discussed and adored.

The House of Instagram project was conceived to share the opportunities the Instagram platform presents to the creative community, advertising agencies, marketing teams and C-suite executives.  

We worked closely with Facebook and the Instagram team to design and develop the House of Instagram microsite that reflects Instagram and its vibrant community and to share benefits, insights, results and case studies from the platform.

No small task, engaging a highly discerning audience who expects something of value, in return for their limited time and attention.

Our approach was to bring to life a virtual representation of the 'house'; a representation of the digital world which exists within Instagram. The House Of Instagram was designed and developed as a way to allow people to look inside, a place where popular culture is created, where people invent and pursue their passions and a place where businesses can build brands and reach their customers.

The House of Instagram features a variety of ways Instagram is being used to help survive the new abnormal of COVID 19, Celebrating Community, Well-Being, Trends and Brand Building (download the guide).

To launch the House of Instagram, Now We Collide developed a creative digital and social media campaign to target relevant audiences and highlight specific content streams and case studies. We created multiple campaign assets and copy versions as part of the overall campaign strategy to allow for better optimisation across different audience targets.

House of Instagram EDM

As part of the digital and social media campaign, we delivered the following:

- Story videos for Instagram and Facebook
- Image posts for Instagram and Facebook 
- Image carousels for LinkedIn
- Video ads for LinkedIn
- Multiple image posts for LinkedIn
- EDM for relevant trade publications
- Digital display and banners


Our team also produced 500 printed card booklets to show each of the 26 Instagram trends for 2020 as an accompaniment to the online A-Z of Instagram. These were distributed to senior decision-makers in relevant creative agencies and organisations.


The House Of Instagram microsite has been an enormous success, quickly becoming a go-to resource for the business, advertising and creative community to discover how Instagram is evolving and how brands can harness the power of the platform as an integral part of their broader objectives.

The marketing, publicity and sales team within Instagram now have an online destination they can use as a resource to share information with brands and partners.

With such a successful launch in Australia, the microsite will be rolled out to New Zealand and other Asia Pacific territories in 2020.