‘Face 2 Face' is an award-winning podcast series as recognised by Adweek


Face 2 Face Podcast
Creative Direction

Ever wondered how some of the biggest businesses on earth are getting closer to their customers than ever before? Join Jules Lund as he unearths ideas that thrive in a connected world with creative leaders at the top of their game.

Learn how marketers are working across platforms to drive real business outcomes by listening to this award-winning podcast series. Discover how to curate experiences from the likes of Spotify and Volkswagen, connect communities like Kathmandu and Telstra do, spark conversations the way ANZ and Vinomofo can and discover how KFC and McDonald’s are driving real commercial outcomes.

We worked with the team at Facebook to develop the design and art direction of the series of the Face 2 Face Podcast. As part of this, we created cross-platform, vertical, 1:1 and 16:9 teaser and episodic video content, consistent with the go-to-market strategy.

Face 2 Face has since gone on to become a top 10 listed podcast in Australia.

Face 2 Face created by Now We Collide
Award Winning Marketing Podcast
Award Winning Podcast Facebook
Art Direction Facebook

We Delivered

Overarching art direction
Video content creation  
Digital strategy: Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram   EDM/digital media design and development
Print collateral, design and output

Facebook - Alexandra Sloane & Catherine Bowe
Head of Content - Alex Hayes
Podcast Production - Whooshkaa

Creative Director - Ryan Bodger
Art Director - Kurt Toohey
Senior Producer - Naomi Young
Design Lead - Mina Yilmaz
Animator - Darryn Rogers