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Campaign Strategy
Art Direction

Chomps, an ecommerce brand offering custom fitted mouthguards and night guards directly to customers, approached Now We Collide to help create a suite of media and marcoms assets to showcase their products and promote the brand across multiple digital platforms.

With the aim to enhance brand visibility and engage the target audience, Now We Collide developed a creative direction to build a series of hype content that demonstrates the product in a fun, energetic way across both sport mouthguards and night guard types.

In 2023 ESPN Australia cemented themselves as “Your Home For Hoops” by adding FIBA to the list of their existing unrivalled coverge - which includes NBA, WNBA, NBL, WNBL and NCAA – right in time for the pending women’s and men’s world cups.

ESPN and Now We Collide collaborated to build on the success of the previous Your Home For Hoops campaign with a social media led video campaign targeting Australian basketball fans where they live online. Videos were pushed out across YouTube, YouTube Shorts, Facebook, Instagram Reels and TikTok and the campaign was kicked off with a 60 second hero ad that aired during ESPN’s broadcast of Super Bowl LVII. Additional campaign videos pointed specifically to ESPN’s broadcasts of the NBL and NBA playoffs and finals.


NWC filmed content for both video and stills in a one day studio shoot. To capture rapid, dynamic sequences, our male and female talent modelled the use of the mouthguards across a variety of fast-paced sporting activities before transitioning to a slower speed and cooler lighting for the night guard set-ups. Each scene spotlighted Chomps at every turn, with the final assets highlighting how the product can bring out the best in sporting performance and also provide restful, grind-free sleep.

Now We Collide used a mixture of projection mapping and VFX to showcase some of the biggest plays from across ESPN’s basketball offering which also gave us the opportunity to have talent interact with the big-name stars and immerse them in the famous plays for a unique and interesting visual.




Executive Producer/Chief Strategy Officer Keir Maher
Chief Creative Officer  Ryan Bodger
Art Director/Director Sarah Coleman
Producer Sally Muull, Naomi Young

Executive Producer/Chief Strategy Officer Keir Maher
Chief Creative Officer/Director Ryan Bodger
Director of Design & Motion Bob Connelly
Producer/1st AD Shayne Carter

DOP  Pat Harris
Photography and Edit Josh Groom
VFX Allen Yeung 
Photo-retoucher Tim Prosser

DOP  Anthony Rose
Projections  Tom Hall
Edit Josh Groom
VFX  Bob Connelly
Colourist  John Agapitos
Sound Design  James Martell

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