YouTube have made another big move into 'social video' launching a new Stories feature for creators with over 10k subscribers. Following the huge success of Instagram Stories (er…sorry, Snap) it was only a matter of time before the YouTube team launched their version. Using FashionByAlly (who has almost 1million YouTube subs already) as an example of how stories can be created and shared. It will be interesting to see the options this will present to brands and businesses both natively and through advertising. With Facebook Watch now offering in-stream ads and the growth of Instagram Stories and IGTV, YouTube clearly see the threat to their revenue and it will be fascinating to see how this one plays out.

An eye-opening article from the team at Venture Beat which highlights the power of YouTube for attracting new eyeballs in emerging markets. In India this means YouTube reaches 245 million unique active viewers each month and a further 74 million in Indonesia. That's phenomenal numbers and shows how digital video is becoming a regular part of the lives of audiences in emerging markets - and presents challenges for both incumbents and new entrants like Netflix alike who see these markets as the future of their growth - read the full story here.

Not only the traditional ad-world but also the wider viewing public was a-buzz recently with the anticipated launch of John Lewis 2018 Christmas commercial. It proves that when 'advertising' is done well it can entertain instead of annoying audiences, with the spot already having 11million+ views on YouTube - hats off to John Lewis and the team for investing over the long term. For all the nerds out there, check out the 'Making of The Boy and The Piano':