The revolution that is occurring in video content proliferation and distribution is changing the way brands and publishers think about how they reach and engage audiences.

At Now We Collide we take a strategic approach to the role video content plays within the overall content ecosystem which helps to inform our creative teams and the production and distribution of video content.

Part of this approach uses data and analysis of video content trends and creative across multiple video platforms. We use multiple data sources to find and understand content trends, creators and publishers. One key source of insights comes from Now We Collide's partnership with Tubular Labs, the world's only cross-platform, all device, video data source. With in depth understanding of the software and data we are able to assess analytics across over 30 video platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine and Vimeo.

So - as part of a regular blog post series we'll be giving a sneak peak of just some of what we have access to by providing the top 5 video creators by audience views in Australia across the key video platforms.