There's been a noticeable rise in chatter around the push by 'Big Tech' to keep users inside their own ecosystems with more and more internet searches and activity ending without a click.

It's interesting to see that now more than 50% of Google searches end without a click. Google search provides on-page content such as Wikipedia synopsis, shopping options, website scrapes, movie times, maps and directions etc, all within the first page of search without the need to click. The change has been gradual and subtle. Of course, when it comes to video, Google will promote YouTube as the one place they are happy for you to click-out to.

It's incredible to look at the most recent 'Internet Minute' chart for 2019, there are actually more YouTube videos watched in a minute than Google search queries made.

Likewise, Facebook is also on a mission to keep people inside their environment for longer. Recent statistics show that time spent using Facebook has remained stable over the last few years even as more social platforms and niches have emerged. Examples include Facebook Watch, Facebook Marketplace, the raft of publisher and media deals and incredibly 43% of users now get their news from Facebook.

This is all making the challenge for companies and their brands even greater - how to still provide meaning, sales and loyalty in a constantly shifting online environment. Will clicks to websites and 'owned channels' become a thing of the past as online behaviour begins to change? For sure, ensuring a well planned and executed creative content strategy which performs specific marketing functions and which ultimately delivers on business objectives becomes ever more important.