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If you think hoops is more than a highlight reel, then you just found your jam. A social video series for ESPN & Kayo.

The Weekly Jam

Weekly show all about hoops

There is no denying the resurgence and rapid growth of basketball participation and fandom over the last 5 years. With superstar players like Steph Curry and Lebron James duelling it out and now more Aussies playing at the elite NBA level than ever before, there is plenty of inspiration to go round. 

With NBA, NCAA, WNBA and with a newly penned NBL broadcasting deal, ESPN currently have the best overall coverage of basketball in Australia. But what they didn't have was a show that covered all these properties in one package. Enter The Weekly Jam - A social video series dedicated to the world of basketball, putting NBL coverage side by side with the NBA. It is the first time ever a show like this has been produced with a social by design, social-first strategy.

With an ever-increasing younger audience engaging with the sport through social media, we wanted to create a social video series that was different from the top 10's, game highlights or analyst commentary. The show needed to speak to the culture and fandom of the game and feel social by design. The engagement rates, so far, prove just that with over 100k views per episode.

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The Weekly Jam Social Video Series
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