From zero to hero - Helping to create Australia’s No.1 dip brand.


How do you hommus?

When Obela launched in 2012, the refrigerated dip category was stagnant, with no sales growth, and lacked innovation. Fast forward 5 years and Obela is now the No.1 dip brand in Australia and has created significant category growth and product innovation.

Our role in the stellar rise of Obela is to help develop the integrated above-the-line creative in order to drive sales, build the brand and achieve significant growth targets to match the business ambition.

By evolving the campaign message over time our partnership has helped navigate Obela from challenger brand to market leader in the hearts and minds of buyers. We’ve also made sure the brand message has been consistent while allowing flexibility within the creative voice to allow new and innovative products to be communicated.



Obela is now the number 1 dip brand in Australia with sales growing over 40% year on year for the last 3 years.

Obela has grown from one single dip product to over 25 products including the original Classic Hommus, Tzatziki, spreads and on-the-go snacks.