Making space for greatness. Harnessing the power of video across digital & social media.


Making space for greatness

Goodman is a global commercial and industrial property group established as one of Australia’s leading ASX listed companies.

The business challenge for Goodman is to continue to consolidate and grow their diverse global customer base. The specific marketing challenge is to build greater brand awareness and profile their unique ‘own, develop, manage’ approach to industrial and logistics real estate. Additionally, they have a huge development pipeline so there is an ongoing need to launch their unique developments and properties internationally amongst a sophisticated B2B audience.

A key component of this challenge was the need to develop a content and social media strategy and content creation platform to help Goodman take advantage of the opportunities presented by digital and social content revolution.


Partnering with Goodman we have developed an integrated strategy for digital and social media which aligns content creative and distribution across the business including sales, marketing, culture and institutional investment. Focusing on key personas, we have also developed a content strategy around their content pillars, all of which focus on key areas of Goodman’s business and allows them to stay true to their company purpose and business proposition which clearly differentiates them - Making space for greatness.

The strategy includes KPIs which align with the business objectives and allows Goodman to measure effectiveness and continuously improve.


Template-driven animations allow Goodman to get business-critical video content live in under 3 hours.


Goodman has significantly grown their presence across LinkedIn and Twitter and this, in turn, has led to a substantial increase in referral traffic to the Goodman website.

Creative and design consistency has been aligned across digital and social channels.

Content topics and arcs have been implemented into a calendar allowing them to more effectively target audience segments within B2B and B2B2C. This also allows Goodman to maximise the economies of scale for creative and production across the business.