A content distribution strategy for Facebook highlighting the benefits of the world’s largest social network to policymakers and business decision-makers.


Connecting benefits

Amidst some of the headwinds being faced by Facebook in the wider community this project illustrated the positive impact Facebook has in Australia, from grassroots to global causes; our goal was to improve the way people perceive Facebook.

Our creative content and distribution strategy was to pull 2 levers; 1) tell the authentic stories at an emotional level of how not-for-profit community groups and small and medium businesses (SMBs) are using Facebook and Instagram to build communities, share their message and create positive change. Collaborating closely with the Facebook team throughout. 2) build the rational message of the benefits of Facebook and Instagram through statistics and drilling down to specific data points such as economic impact and social benefit.

Some of the Facebook groups profiled were @take3forthesea@mamatribe, @evloveskateboards, @modernsoldier and @footballerswithoutborders, all of which have used the features and products freely available on the Facebook and Instagram to create social and/or economic benefits in the Australia community.

Our content and distribution strategy utilised integrated media with video at its heart and included longer form ‘story’ videos, optimised short-form social video and content targeted at policy and business influencer channels, digital out of home, digital, in-flight media.

We delivered

Long and short-form video 
Cutdown videos for 1:1 and 9:16
Content and distribution strategy                             
Digital out of home and displays
Stills and print assets
In-flight entertainment assets