This month as part of our regular video intelligence series we're taking a look at Facebook video: the top 5 Facebook Live creators, Facebook 360 video creators and overall Australian Facebook video creators.

It's interesting to see that the Australian Ballet scored over 1 million views with the live video launch of their 2017 season. At first you might assume that they achieved these views during the live event alone but by delving deeper in the data we found that most of the views for the video actually came on day 5 and 6 AFTER the live event - nevertheless whether organic or paid views, this still highlights how live video, when harnessed correctly, can be used to engage audiences.

The data for the Facebook 360 videos is based on global views and it is clear immediately that Travel & Tourism as a category is taking advantage of what 360 video has to offer with LATAM, Visit The USA and Discovery Networks featuring in the Top 5. It's still fairly early days for 360 video and none of the videos featured are particularly inspiring with the Discovery VR Atlas series probably the pick but again this highlights that audiences have a willingness to see something new and explore what 360 video has to offer. We believe there is a real opportunity for publishers and brands to push the boundaries in this area with the potential to really drive audience growth. 

On the Facebook video creators Top 5, Hebbar's Kitchen comes out top of Australian video creators table for September 2016. "Who?" we hear you say, based in Melbourne they are a type of a BuzzFeed Food of Indian cooking with loads of short, shareable recipes and videos and a massive 47 million+ views on Facebook alone in September, spicy!!