Facebook has been realising the power of video for some time with just about every timeline including an abundance of snackable but often irreverent and/or irrelevant content for the viewer. With this growth and this realisation they have invested in the development of a new video hub that will look and work much like Youtube but have one huge advantage, the content you see will now actually be based on your likes, interests and browsing habits.

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Facebook revealed a sneak peek of its own video platform on Facebook. Unlike YouTube, which relies on search and users seeking out specific videos), Facebook is doubling-down on showing you videos that you didn’t even know you wanted to see or knew existed. You’ll see video content from friends, pages you follow, posts you Like, and beyond.

Facebook encouraged more video content from publishers, creators, and advertisers beginning a few years ago, and this new video hub seems to be a massive culmination of their encouragement and longer vision. With this new video destination, Facebook recently updated its newsfeed algorithms to consider the types of videos you watch, the ones your friends watch, how many videos you watch, and for how long.

A dedicated space on Facebook just for videos:

Facebook will allow you to easily save videos in this new hub, a feature that technically exists now, but your saved videos will better integrate into your Facebook experience, making it easier to go back to that saved content.

A section of Facebook dedicated to videos will result in people spending more time on Facebook, naturally. More content means more time, especially if Facebook is able to take your friends, Likes, pages, and interests to better serve you relevant content.

For small and medium businesses, this is an important feature to consider. There’s a good chance your customers and fans will soon spend more time on Facebook, meaning the content and messaging you push on Facebook becomes more important. Facebook saw over 4 billion video views every day in April of this year, and it’s clear that they know which videos you’ll enjoy. Once this video destination is live for everyone, that daily view number might skyrocket, and the comparisons of Facebook and YouTube might begin to sway more and more in Zuck’s favor.


This feature has been rolled out for most people with Facebook on iOS, and Android is coming over the next few months. Suggested videos is a way for Facebook to keep you engaged with videos for longer periods of time. You’ll see more videos with similar content determined by the source or publisher. For example if your roommate posts a video, and you engage with it, there’s a strong chance you’ll see more content from your roommate, or perhaps a mutual friend’s video. If you interact with a video from Nike, you might see more content around sports, apparel, and athletes.

Facebook will offer a 55-to-45 revenue split of video ads, with 55% going to the publisher of the content. However, in order to claim this 55%, you must be an official partner with Facebook, so don’t get too excited until you become one. Facebook’s next step within suggested videos will be ads between videos to generate sales for both Facebook and the advertiser. A win-win for all, more or less.

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