Facebook launched Instant Articles back in May 2015 but initially it was open only to a select few launch publishers as outlined in this article from Tech Crunch at the time of launch.

Today Facebook has opened Instant Articles to anyone who uses Facebook as "A new way for publishers to create fast, interactive articles on Facebook.". Designed and developed as a mobile first application available on IOS and Android it provides a fast and responsive way for publishers and brands to deliver a rich and immersive environment to view and interact with content.

This is exciting as it promises additional access for brands and publishers to realise the power and potential of video and content to connect and engage with audiences. The debate over whether Instant Articles will detract from a publishers 'owned' audience and content seems to have abated lately as Facebook have actively sought to collaborate and work with publishers however concerns still remain over the power Facebook is gaining over the digital ecosystem.

For brands, Instant Articles presents both an opportunity, in the form of increased content reach, awareness and creative potential, and a risk in the form of driving audiences to  owned assets, landing pages, conversions and in terms of organic vs paid no matter how rewarding your content is for audiences.

With a potential global audience of over 1.5 billion the opportunities for publishers and brands on Facebook are undeniable and time will tell how Instant Articles fits into this. As an independent content agency specializing in video we are excited to see continuing developments in technology and ways content can reach audiences and consider how this can be applied as part of a multi-platform approach to strategy and creativity.