Strategy & Insights Strategy & Insights

Influencer Acquisition & Management Influencer Acquisition & Management

Content Creation Content Creation

Distribution, Seeding & Amplification Distribution, Seeding & Amplification

Strategy & Insights

Strategy & Insights

We remove the complexities and make it simple for you to deliver long term strategy, campaign strategy or ongoing video content requirements with data intelligence and an approach that is tailored to your business objectives.

We work with you to look at the overarching marketing objectives and provide you with an Activation Strategy. This is a roadmap that outlines our approach and plan to get you the best possible results and cost efficiencies across the project. We use leading analytics, strategy software and tools to provide insights and strategy recommendations.

How We Do It

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Platform Specific

We help you determine what type of content performs best on which platforms and deliver a tailored content strategy that drives results.

Video Channel Optimisation

We offer a comprehensive management service for brands who are looking to get the most out of their video channels including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and owned video channels. We will work with you to determine the right approach and use best practice to ensure your video creates improved SEO, awareness and engagement.

Trending Content

We can pinpoint trends that are developing online and ensure you are part of a search term results putting your content in the eyes of your target audience.

Best Practice

We understand video best practice requirements so you don’t have to. From custom delivery to existing channel/platform.


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Influencer Acquisition & Management

Influencer Acquisition & Management

We know talent. How to find them. How to make them work. We've been working with brands, agencies and publishers for over 10 years and have been at the forefront watching a new wave of digitally led content creators and influencers disrupt and change the way consumers behave. We have worked with big name talent and little known names with a huge reach, who all command an audience and can provide influence on a campaign or target group. What have it down to a science, using big data, trend analysis and search tools, combined with a clearly laid out process and we understand that the talent, audience reach and content created are all essential to ensure campaign success.


NWC Influencers


Through our database and partnerships we have access to over 2.5million online video creators and personalities and can pinpoint the exact creator/channel you are seeking.

Now We Collide will recommend the right influencers to help you reach new audiences and customers. We find the online video creators with the largest followings on all of the major social platforms. In short we make the process easy for you.

We can look at who is growing a subscriber base, achieving views and interactions and provide access to that talent or channel. We look at your target audience and identify rising stars who share a similar audience.

Working with the selected influencers (and their audience) we will ensure optimal amplification of your content, not just through paid distribution and placement but also through a planned post and seed strategy through the influencer audience network.

To find the right influencer or talent for your next project please contact us.


Content Creation

Content Creation 

Now more than ever before great ideas, creativity and relevance are essential for success. Now We Collide create the right content for the right audience. We have a great roster of leading commercial directors and content producers all with their own unique style and approach. 

Now We Collide has been working with brands, publishers and agencies producing award winning broadcast, digital and TVC commercial content for over 15 years. We have in house facilities and what we believe is one of the best teams around who love making incredible videos and content.


Images from a recent production, filming in Thailand for Princess Cruises and MBA

We have an award winning team that can deliver:

Script & Story Development
Video content creation

TVC Commercial Creative & Production
360 / VR Content Creation
Interactive Video
First Person POV Specialists
Influencer led content and stories
Motion and Infographic led content creation
3D, VFX & Compositing
Time-lapse and Hyper-lapse Video


We have offline and online post facilities with HD & 4K workflow in-house. We have a dedicated team of awesome design, motion, edit and post production professionals all under the one roof to ensure project efficiency at the highest level.

We have fibre optic direct from the exchange to our studio and can download and upload massive amounts of data in seconds, enabling quick turnaround and timely distribution and delivery of your project media.

Please drop us a line for project enquiries.


Distribution, Seeding & Amplification

Distribution, Seeding & Amplification

Now We Collide have access to industry leading programmatic distribution for performance based social video and campaign seeding. We get videos watched, shared and tracked across the open web. We can deliver audiences at the local, national or international level and uniquely target to individual campaign objectives.

We can target your audience across demographic types, categories, buyer mindsets and relevant emotional audience data using any combination of:

Location (in some locations down to the postcode)
Platform or media
Sentiment insights, personal interested
Device (Desktop Browser, iPad, iPhone, Android, Tablet)
Technology (Operating System, Browser Type)

We can tailor a distribution plan based on your objectives and budget

We will take the hassle out of delivery and transcode your video assets into a range of VAST and VPAID compatible video and rich media ad formats for display via both Flash and HTML5, across a leading-edge range of paid placements. The platform works seamlessly across multiple operating systems on the broadest possible range of desktop, mobile and tablet devices, with optimization and reporting for multi-video campaigns.