Vimeo Offers 'Video Everywhere'

Video sharing website Vimeo this week launched some new functionality offering creators, brands and publishers the ability to upload and instantly share 'natively' to social (video) platforms, YouTube and Facebook. 

Vimeo was founded in 2004 and has always had a focus on the more artistic, creative and storytelling aspects of video content. Vimeo was the first to offer HD video sharing and now offers 4k Ultra HD as part of a commitment to 'Host videos in the highest quality possible'. With more than 70 million members in 150 countries, the Vimeo CEO recently announced a target of 1 million paid subscribers and $100 million in revenue in the next 12 months.

Part of this push for more revenue is offering tools and features which appeals to a wider audience. The new sharing feature is pretty nifty too - once a video is uploaded to your channel, within the 'Basic Video' settings simply click on the 'Share' button and hit 'Publish To Social'. You are then able to share to any of your connected social media accounts in the respective platform's native video form. As Vimeo themselves say "we want to do everything we can to help your videos get seen by the masses. That's why you can now publish videos natively to Facebook and YouTube (with more on the way), right from Vimeo. It's not just a time saver, it helps your videos rank higher on those platforms and reach more people". Happy sharing...